Why “HYGGE”? 

“Hygge” is a Danish word that represents a kind of cultural concept. It means a warm, relaxed, or comfortable atmosphere in which people take time for their daily life. Whatever a person likes, spending time with family or friends, a nice coffee break in the afternoon, having a drink, playing online... all of this is HYGGE time.

My name is Tsuyoshi Kawaguchi, and I am a certified visa consultant (immigration attorney for Japanese visa) with over seven years of experience in Tokyo. Throughout my professional career, I have worked with 200+ companies, handling more than 3,000 visa applications and providing consulting services for some 5,000 non-Japanese citizens of more than 100 nationalities. 
I have traveled rather extensively, visiting 30 countries so far. It was during one such trip to Denmark in 2018 that I was first introduced to the word “Hygge.” The idea is not found in Japanese, English, or any other language that I am aware of, but I was just sincerely impressed by the word as well as its meaning and concept.
As the number of foreign residents in Tokyo continues to increase, the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau finds itself getting more and more crowded each year. 

Now it is normal that foreign residents line up for more than a couple of hours for their visa procedures. I believe that it is a heavy burden and very stressful for anyone, especially for workers who are very busy with work during the day on weekdays. 

I hope that foreign residents take time for their precious time in their lives, HYGGE, as much as they can, and don't want them to take too much time and efforts for visa procedures. 

In addition, I previously stayed in Spain for one year. I believe that I understand the difficulties of living in another country like those who live in Japan.

I establish this HYGGE Visa Office in August 2019. I take care of a visa consulting and application services as a proxy to contribute to foreign residents in Japan.

Visa Services AFTER Your Work Hours. Late night? No problem. Early morning? No Problem. 365-day Consultation Service!

Tokyo is a busy city. We here at HYGGE know this, and so we offer “unconventional” work hours.